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Thank you again for everything. This was such a great party! My daughters were so happy! The parents all wanted business cards because they thought it was the best party for our six year olds. The Spa Girls took care of everything! They were super organized! They gave great goodie bags and had a craft for the girls to work on while they waited for their turn. It was so nice to have a party at home and not feel overwhelmed hosting. I highly recommend this spa party and plan on using them again.

- Rena

The party was great thank you! All the girls had so much fun. Thank you for the extra TLC!


Thank you for making Devanshi's birthday party super hit! All the girls had a great time and they felt like little models walking the ramp! The ladies came on time and organized everything quickly and efficiently. The party favors and crafts were amazing along with the hair,makeup, and nails! I would definitely recommend Spa Girlz to family and friends! All their services are definitely worth the reasonable price. Thank you again for making it special for Devanshi!


Amaya's party was a hit!!! Spa Girlz On The Go were great!!! They came in and set up the area so nice and quickly and had the girls all set and ready for a day of beauty. All of the girls felt like little princesses. You all did an amazing job and I would definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family. Thank you for making my daughters 8th birthday extra special. See you again soon!


The party was amazing and the girls had a fantastic time! The staff was excellent! I didn't have to worry about a thing! They were entertained and went home with some amazing things! Thanks so much!

-Claudine Betwinek

Thank you for making Karalyn's Birthday such a fabulous one! The girls had such a great time! You were all such a pleasure to work with. You even came on time when it was snowing! Thank you so much for all you did! We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Thanks again!


The party was fantastic. The girls had a great time especially Diana!! All the ladies that ran the party were amazing, organized, professional and really took the time to make all the girls look spectacular!!! I was so happy with everything. I will definitely recommend The Spa Girlz! Thank you again.


I have to say you ladies did a fantastic time. All the girls were so happy and were made to feel Like little princesses. I appreciate all your hard work and hope that you get tons of parties from mine!!!! I wrote a review on the plainview moms page about how awesome you ladies were. Thank you again for making Jordanas bday so memorable.


Thank you all so much for making Sophie's 7th birthday AMAZING! I can't say enough about how truly amazing the Girlz at spa girlz on the go are! You made all the girls look beautiful and you made them all feel special ...especial our birthday girl Sophie! I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Thank you again so much for making her party such a success!


Spa Girlz On-The-Go is by far the best way to throw a party! My 6 year old birthday girl and her friends were pampered in style like true princesses. Spa Girlz are super easy to work with, efficient, sweet and very professional. From my very first phone call I was extremely impressed and couldn't be happier with the end result. I can't wait for my baby to grow up so I can throw her a Spa Girlz birthday party!!!

-Sharon, Meira and Family

I have to say I didn't really know what to fully expect when hiring Spa Girlz on the Go. I was new to this whole spa party thing and when my daughter said she wanted it at home, I was both panicked and lost at what to do to pull this off. I knew I needed to hire some professional help to make the girls look exceptionally beautiful on this very special party day! These women truly amazed me! They came in with a full team Of ladies equipped to handle my large group Of 12 girls. They set up individual stations with plenty of options for the girls to become glamorized, and were extremely professional and friendly with everyone attending. Additionally, to keep the girls occupied at all times (b/c a room of 12 girls 8 and under is tough to control)... they had another girl who helped the girls in their initial Arrival, shadowed them in setting up their arts and crafts (decorating a mirror they take home as a favor) and set up an additional 12 goody bags that included gloss, files, nail polish and a personalized brush for each guest! I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, cleanliness, and all around sweet nature with the girls and mommies at our spa party. I would highly recommend if anyone is planning a spa party for their little princess, to quickly call and book up Spa Girlz on the Go! You will be more than happy you did!

-Jennifer Elise

Spa Girlz on-the-go were very professional, well-prepared and knew how to throw a great spa party! All of the girls had a ton of fun and loved their mani, pedis and hair dos. Thank you so much!


Linda and Paula were incredible. They were prompt, professional and so good with the girls. The way they had my house set up when the girls walked in was amazing. Everyone was so excited! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a fun night in without having to worry about cleaning up :)


Thank you for such a fun party for Caroline. The girls all had a blast and looked beautiful! Everything was taken care of efficiently and the girls left with so many goodies. Thank you.

-Liz Rick

Spa Girlz Party was a complete success! All the girls had a great time. Everyone looked absolutely beautiful. Thanks for making Melinda's Birthday extra special.


I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience!! You guys were great! I will highly recommend you in the future!!!


Thank you for an awesome party!! My daughter said all the girls were talking about it in school today. This was the 2nd time we had you, and I'm so happy we did. We had a great party both times! I would highly recommend you to anyone!! Thank you again, for making my daughter's party memorable.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for another fantastic party. Kayla and all of her friends were so happy. You helped to make her 7th Birthday extra special and I can't thank you enough! You are all so professional and sweet and I hope that we see you again!

-Kerri Palmeri

The girls had a wonderful time. You were all extremely professional and easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. I loved that you had something for the girls to do while they waited their turn. You were so engaging and patient with the girls while they explained exactly what they wanted. Thank you for making Ella's birthday so special!


I just wanted to thank you wonderful ladies for making my granddaughter Hope Hoyes 7th birthday party so special this passed weekend. All your great services from the mirror craft, hair, nails & makeup and setup - Hope and her guests couldn't have been happier. In fact two of her friends told their mother's that "it was the best day of their lives". Your patience & care of the girls was a true show of your professionalism and talent. I know my daughter Kristie was so pleased, as were the mothers. I will certainly be telling my friends about Spa Girlz On The Go, and how it would a great way for their granddaughters to celebrate their birthdays.

-Anne Previdi

Isabella and her friends had the best time ever! Thank you for making it so special!


I can't thank you enough for how great the party was! You guys were professional, talented , and so fun! The kids had a blast (and so did the mommies ) I can't believe how much was accomplished in an hour!!! Again thank you for such a PERFECT DAY!!!

-Heather Cafiero

I can't thank you enough for another amazing party!!! You ladies have it down to a science. Every detail was done to perfection. The girls had such an incredible time and Grace had a blast! Thank you for making her 8th birthday such a memorable one.

-Gayle Shapiro

Thank you so much to the team of Spa Girlz on the go for a great job! All the girls loved getting their hair, make-up and nails done. They all looked amazing!! Peighton loved every minute of it and I am grateful for you all helping to make her 6th birthday special. I am highly recommending your company to everyone :)


Thank you so much for your wonderful work all my princess were so happy with their makeup and nails you ladies are awesome!!!!! They Loved their mirrors ...Thank you again for making Matthew's Birthday a Success!

-Rose Santos-Cepeda

Thank you very much. The party was great! Ella and her friends were thrilled and you ladies did a wonderful job, I'll be sure to recommend you!


Lyla and her friends had an AMAZING day! The party was perfect for the seven year old crowd. I loved the fact that you came in and set up stations for the girls to flow through. The craft was adorable and Lyla was OBSESSED with all of her spa services! After her guests left, I gave her the special Birthday Girl gift bag. She could not have been more thrilled with all of the goodies she found inside. All of the Spa Ladies were fantastic and so great with all of the girls. Thank you for entertaining Lyla and her friends and making her 7th Birthday so special Thank you for a day to remember.

-Stephanie Williams

Thank you so much for an amazing party. It was so well run! All of your ladies were kind and friendly and the girls had a blast with them! I would recommend you to all of my friends! Also, thank you for the special birthday treat for Mia! Job well done!


I just wanted to say Thank You for the terrific party yesterday! The women were all so nice and the girls were so happy! Logan loved her party!! Thanks again!!


I am blown away!!!!!! The girls came in set up so quickly and beautifully and cleaned up so well you would've never known they were there. They did a better job than I could've ever imagined!!! The girls absolutely loved loved it:))) I am so grateful that you made this happen on such short notice and in the time slot that worked for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to tell the whole world about this fabulous amazing day!!! Hopefully I'll get you more spa parties soon!!!

-Shana xo

What a great party, all of Justine's guests enjoyed themselves. The friendly staff made the whole Spa experience unforgettable for our little girls...The other parents were impressed and thought you ladies did a great job! Thank you for making this one of Justine's BEST parties...Your company will come highly recommended by myself!!!!


Thank you for giving us the best spa party ever!!! We were all so impressed with the beautiful hair styles, makeup and manicures you provided! The girls really felt special and everyone is still talking about what a great time they had! I have received so many compliments about the party! I will definitely recommend spa girlz on the go to all of my friends who have girls!! Thank you again!


Thank you so much for making Madelyn's birthday spa-tacular! All of the girls loved being pampered from their hair, to their make-up and to their nails! Having 3 hosts gave the girls lots of one on one attention and kept the fun going. The hosts were so sweet and made sure every detail was perfect-even reapplying a gem after all was packed up! The girls were so excited to create their own mirror and couldn't wait to receive their take home gift bag. I even received a special gift! Thank you again for making Madelyn's day so special! I will definitely highly recommend you to my friends and family.


Thank you so much for a wonderful party! The girls had an amazing time. They couldn't stop looking in their mirrors! You guys did an awesome job! Thank you.

-Marcella Perrotta

Thank you so much for an absolutely awesome party! My daughter Zoe had a great time and felt so special! All her friends had a great time too. I received many texts from moms after their girls got home telling me what a fantastic time their daughters had and what a great idea the party was. Your set up and clean up were impeccable and the go with the flow adjustments you made to work with the rest of the activities was so appreciated. The girls loved their favors! We would definitely do another Spa Girlz On The Go Party!


Thank you so much for a great party. Kristina and her friends had the best time and they all looked so beautiful. Everything was so organized and I loved how they did the crafts while waiting their turn. All the girls loved the party favors they went home with. Thank you for making her birthday party something she will always remember!


The party was amazing. Paula and Linda were so great. They were so patient with the girls and they had so much other stuff (coloring, decorating mirrors) to keep the girls busy while they waited their turn. For the price so much was included and the girls got so many things to take home on top of all the pampering done at the party. The girls truly had a blast and Paula and Linda were just so friendly and so easy to be around and to have in your home. The other moms who were there were so impressed. Overall a complete success and my daughter has already asked if we could do this again for another occasion! Thanks again for such a great experience.


My Daisies had the best time ever (their words) at their end of the year party. So many of the girls said it was the best party ever. Thank you for everything you did. All the ladies were so sweet to our girls and did such a wonderful job especially with our large group.


Thank you so much for entertaining Kate and her friends at her spa party. All of the girls had a wonderful time. You were all so patient and kind with them. What I loved the most was how professional you all were. The set up and clean up made the party a breeze!! I will most definitely recommend you to all my friends and family!

-Candice Capone

I just want to thank you for a fantastic party! The girls had a fantastic time, and everything was perfect. All the kids could not believe the goodie bags they received at the end. I even had two moms tell me that their daughters hair looked better than when they had their hair done at a salon. The hostesses were pleasant and great with the kids. Thank you again for giving my daughter the party of her dreams!

-Suzette Schimmenti

Thank you so much for making Paige's Spa Party just perfect! You were all so professional and setup and cleanup were done seamlessly! The girls all had an amazing time and looked adorable! Thanks again!

-Michelle Hyland

I want to thank you tremendously for an amazing party for both of my girls. They all had a blast and thanks to you the party was a huge success!!! I had numerous moms call/text me the following day To tell me how much fun their girls had at our party. All of you are extremely professional and pleasant to work with. The girls at the party including Myself found it so much fun to work with you. The hairstyles, the make up and nails made everyone feel like a princess for the day. I will gladly recommend you to all of my friends. Thank you again for making our party the talk of the town:)

-Rina Koral

The girls loved the craft, were so happy with everything they got to take home, and their hair, makeup and nails were perfect. Again, thank you so much for making it such a special day for Sofia!!

- Dawn

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did at Kayla's 6th Birthday Party. She and her friends and the parents and my family haven't stopped talking about it since. I definitely hope to see you ladies again. Thank you so much!

- Kerri Palmeri

Thank you for a great party! Everything went smooth, the girls were so happy and excited! Everything from start to finish was awesome! The girls loved their hair, make-up and manicures! The craft was great too, kept them occupied while some were getting hair, make-up and mani! My daughter loved her favor as well as her friends! The ladies were professional and everything went as planned. Thank you Spa girlz on-the-go for an amazing party! I know her friends will be calling you for their own birthday parties! Will definitely see you again!

- Despina

I can't thank you enough for the awesome party you gave my daughter, Brianna for her 8th birthday! Having given my daughter a birthday party every year since she was born, this by far was the best party ever! :) She had a great time and felt like a princess! Her friends and their parents are still talking about what a wonderful party it was. The staff was always so professional, respectful, generous, and patient throughout the entire party. I can't say enough! You set up and made sure you cleaned up everything you brought. You were very sanitary by using hand sanitizer and a new glove every time you worked with one of the girls nails. You kept the kids entertained. I am definitely going to recommend you to friends and family! Thanks again for such a wonderful party experience!

- Kristine Walton

Thank you so much for making Olivia's 6th birthday divalicious!! Olivia loved every moment as well as her little sister Shelby and all her friends. You made my lil' princess truly feel special!!

- Melissa Ortiz

Thank you so much for making Abigail's 8th Birthday party fantastic! All the girls had such a great time and they all looked beautiful. The party ran so smoothly, and Abigail and her friends loved the mirror craft and all the awesome take home stuff. Abigail said that her spa party was the best party ever!! Thanks again for such a wonderful day

- Denise

Thanks so much. The girls all had a blast. Many of the other moms wrote to tell me their girls want you to come to their next party. So you will probably get to see Emma and Rosie again.

- Yael

Thank you for making Lexie's 8th Birthday party the talk of the town! The ladies at Spa Girlz were fantastic, fun and, most importantly, professional. The party ran like a well oiled machine, which is challenging with 17 little girls! I will definitely be using Spa Girlz on the Go for my next spa party!!

- Rhea

The girls had a great time!! They loved decorating the mirror and having their hair, makeup and nails done. You ladies were professional, on time, and provided a great experience for my daughter and her friends. A couple of them mentioned wanting to have their own spa party. Thank you.... will definitely recommend your company to friends and family.

- Melissa

Nicole had a wonderful time. I was really pleased with the flow and how you kept all the girls busy even when they weren't getting spa services. Nicole felt like a princess. We will definitely have another spa party in the future.

- Meryl

Thank you so much for coming and sharing in Sofia's birthday celebration. You were all so wonderful and the girls looked great. All the parents said what a great job you did! We really liked your work from the other events we attended so we had no doubt you would do another great job. Sofia loved her treats! Thanks again. We would recommend you to our friends!

- Jen Tibaldi

I want to say thank you for making Taylor's 9th birthday party awesome! Taylor and all of her friends had so much fun! The up-do's were amazing and the makeup and nails were fabulous! Several girls said that they wanted a spa party for their next birthday! Thank you for a wonderful party and great memories for Taylor!!

- Lauren Brunn

Thank you for making my daughter's 12th such a memorable and special day with her friends. The girls felt pampered and had a blast. As a mom, I was grateful that you accommodated me despite such short notice in the comfort of my home. The day was made more memorable with your services and professionalism! A thankful mom!!

- Arshia

I wanted to tell you we were so pleased with everything! The girls loved their treats and I loved my little mirror too. I thought that was so thoughtful:). I only didn't think you were amazing but all the moms did as well. I will definitely recommend you to others!! Thank you for everything.

- Renee

I just want to say thank you for everything. You ladies are so wonderful with the girls and really have this down to a science! I was amazed! Thank you for being so kind and generous (the gift for me and extra treats for Hannah). We all had a wonderful day and will never forget this party. Thanks again!!!

- Dana

We were so happy to have you guys host Morgan's party.... the kids had a great time where I am still getting compliments from my friends and family!!! Everything was great couldn't have asked for a better party it was neat and clean and the accessories were adorable! Best party thanks again!!!

- Erika B.

There are no words to express how happy we are with the Spa Girlz On The Go party that we had this weekend! The 8 of you were amazingly patient with the 20 girls that we had and all were so friendly. I was pleasantly surprised with how seamlessly organized you all were and the girls enjoyed all aspects of the party from the decorating the mirrors to getting their services done. Harley loved every second of the party and was SO excited to open her gift from "the girls" when all had left. You made her feel every bit the special birthday girl and were so attentive to Kendall (her younger sister)! We cannot thank you enough for making Harley's 6th Birthday Party perfect! We look forward to having you at another party and will happily recommend you to all that we know! Thank you so much!

- The Strahl Family

I had my daughter's 5th birthday party with spa girlz on-the-go. I can't say enough good things about them! They were professional and lovely from beginning to end. The kids had an amazing time being pampered and doing an arts and crafts activity. Each child left with a generous bag of goodies and they even came with a special present and personalized birthday card for my daughter. I highly recommend them for parties- you won't be disappointed! Thanks spa girlz!!!

- Rebecca

My daughter's 6th birthday was a blast thanks to the Spa Girlz!! The girls loved the crafts and their goodie bags.... especially my daughter! Their hair, make up and nails came out awesome!! The hostesses were very professional, organized and so nice! They even cleaned up when they were done!! My daughter said her friends were talking about what an amazing party she had. Thanks again!! I would highly recommend Spa Girlz!!

- Eleni

Gracie's party was a big hit! The moms and the girls talked about it for days. When it was time to go, one of our 6 year old guests said, "Thanks so much for inviting me! This was the best party ever!" That sentiment pretty much says it all. Great job ladies! Many thanks...

- Jacki Kelly

I want to thank Spa Girlz On The Go for an amazing party! My daughter had a great time. All the girls loved it and the mother's were very happy and impressed. Paula, Ashley, and Linda were very professional and soooo sweet. They accommodated to the small space and were so good to my Adryana who does not walk as she has Spina Bifida. They went out of their way to make her day special. I can't thank you enough for a wonderful party. I have recommended you to everyone I know and would definitely have you again for another party! Adryana said it was the best party ever! All the girls looked beautiful! Thank you so much!

- Karen & Adryana Navarro

Lea had an amazing time at her party. Your women were wonderful with the girls as well as professional and fast as well as organized. I would definitely use you again as well as recommend you to anyone interested in having a similar party. The gifts you gave were super and your prices were also unbeatable... Thank you so much for making Lea's party extra special, she had a blast.

- Jennifer

Omg thank you sooo much!!! You ladies were fantastic! Brianna said she had the best birthday ever! All the girls loved the hair pieces and the goodies bags!! I will spread the word on how amazing you ladies were and how you took your time on making sure everyone was happy and beautiful!!

- Jonna

I wanted to thank you so very much for such an incredible and well organized party!! Every detail was amazing. Grace loved her party. You ladies were so professional and patient with the girls. I was nervous to host a birthday party in my house, but you made it stress-free. The favors, the craft project and the lovely gift for Grace were all fabulous. I can't give you enough kudos. It was such a pleasure working with you and again, thank you for making Grace's 6th birthday so memorable.

- Gayle Shapiro

Thank you so much for hosting such a great party. The attention to detail was amazing. The personalized mirrors, brushes & favor bags were all so special. The girls && their moms couldn't say enough positive comments about the entire day. The hair styles were beautiful & the hair accessories just put it over the top! Thank you for making Julia's 6th Birthday so "Glamorous"!

- Suzanne & Julia

Thank you SOO much for the amazing spa party for Giuliana. She had a fantastic time as did all of her friends. The party was a complete success and we have you all to thank for it. You ladies were all so organized, professional, and kind. You made each girl at the party feel special and glamorous. From the crafts to the favors to the spa treatments, everything was awesome!! The smiles on everyone's faces were a true testament to what a great party you hosted! The other moms at the party couldn't get over the hair-do's and they've all told me what a fabulous time their girls had! I highly recommend Spa Girlz On-The-Go to anyone looking to pamper their little girl & her friends for a day of beauty to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. I will definitely use this company in the future either for Giuliana or my younger daughter. Thanks again for making Giuliana's birthday so special. It was truly a pleasure to work with you & I look forward to seeing you in the future!!

- Nicole Versacci

Thank you for making my daughters birthday party an amazing party. The girls had so much fun and looked FABULOUS! Your staff arrived early, set up the room beautifully and were very professional and friendly with the girls. I will recommend you to my friends.

- Susana

Thank you so much for hosting Niki's 6th birthday party. She had a wonderful time. It was just what she had hoped for. All the girls had their hair, nails and make up done and they looked fabulous. You ladies did a wonderful job. The girls really liked their Goodie bags too. Thank you for handling the girls with such care. And thank you for being so organized and for setting up and taking everything down so neatly and quickly. Your dedication and care to your craft really shows and is appreciated.

- Maria

Thank you so much for everything, the girls had such an awesome time, Taylor was still talking non stop about it yesterday! The mom's and dad's reactions when they picked up the girls were priceless, they all went crazy over their hair, loved the curls!!! I have to say and extra "Thank You" for how neat and organized you were!

- Gina

Katie and her friends had a great time at Katie's 10th birthday spa party. The Spa Girlz were professional, warm and attentive to the the varying personalities of the girls. The girls all looked beautiful and felt like true little ladies. I was so impressed by how well everything ran and the girls were all impressed by the goody bags. I highly recommend the Spa Girlz and my daughter hopes her friends have Spa Girlz parties too.

- Patricia

I can't thank you ladies enough for making Tamia's 4th birthday so amazing. She loved having her hair, makeup and nails done. Everyone had such a great time and you were all so friendly and pleasant. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking to have a party at their home. She was treated like a princess by all of your staff and that made her feel extra special. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience.

- Lucia

Our Daisy troop had an amazing time at the Spa Girls on the Go party. The girls loved getting their nails and makeup done. The craft was very cute and we loved that every girl got to go home with a mirror and goody bag! Thanks so much for your hard work!

- Daisy Troop 1751

Hailey and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the party. Many are asking when we are going to do it again. Both hostesses were very patient with the girls letting them choose the nail polish and tattoos they wanted. I also think it was a great value. The price I paid was exceptional in comparison with the services I received. I would and have recommend Spagirlzonthego.

- Sophie & Hailey

Just wanted to say thank you so much! The girls had a great time at their Brownies End of Year Party! Our troop has a bunch of girly girls and they enjoyed everything from the make-up application to personalizing their mirrors. We appreciate all that you did for our girls!

- Oceanside Brownie Troop 2160

Lauren and the girl's had a fantastic time and didn't want it to end. Everyone of the girls absolutely loved it. You all went above and beyond to make my daughter's day a success. I have already started telling people about your business and how professional (and fun) you all were. All of the girls loved their goody bags and especially their brush and mirrors. If I could I would have you guys host Lauren's party every year. Again, I thank you for doing such a wonderful job and I will see you again for her 10th birthday!!!

- Florence Duggins

What a great Spa Party!! Nicoles' friends can't stop talking about it. All 17 girls had so MUCH FUN! They all look beautiful. I was very impressed with the services (hair, make up, nails). In addition to the cutest goody bags, all girls got personalized hair brushes, nice size mirrors (each girl gets to decorate it). Best of all, the prices are very affordable. Thank you so MUCH, you truly made Nicole's 7th Birthday really special. Will recommended Spa girlz on the go to all my friends.

- Monica Pastoressa

Thank you for such a great party. All the girls had a great time, even my 2 1/2 year old, who was so happy to be like the big girls and get her hair, makeup and nails done. You were all so nice and sweet with the girls, it was the easiest Birthday party I have ever planned, as you guys did everything from entertainment to favors. Thanks again.

- Kristine McDermott

I just wanted to thank you for making Ashna's birthday a very special day. Our daughter wanted to have a "spa birthday party" with all of her friends. All the girls and even the parents were simply amazed at the wonderful job you did with the hair, nails and the make-up. You guys made such a lasting impression on the girls, that they were even talking about it the next day in her class. Thank you.

- Sejal

The ladies were prompt, professional, and above all a pleasure to do business with. They performed all services in a timely manner and kept the girls busy with a variety of crafts/games. My daughter loved the special gift bag you gave her too. If you're looking for a different party experience, I would definitely give them a call.

- Joanne Sacco

I want to thank you for making Nina's spa birthday wish a great success! Spa girlz on the go far exceeded my expectations from the moment you walked in the door. I have already recommended your amazing services to all the moms at the party!! These days It's rare that you come across a company that goes above and beyond what's expected, we can't wait to use you again!!

- Coreen Desabato

I was planning my daughter's 4th birthday party and she asked for a princess themed party with manicures, fancy hair and makeup... I started researching and came across "Spa Girlz On The Go" in a Kids/Parent Resource Guide. All the ladies that I had contact with were pleasant, helpful and accommodating. The party was a huge success many of the my daughter's friends mom's were asking me if I would be upset if they "stole" my idea and had Spa Girlz On The Go at their daughter's party. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants professional and personable service at their next party.

- Gabrielle Wolfensberger

Thanks so much for a truly memorable 9th birthday party for Jessie. The girls had such a good time having their hair and nails done, working on crafts and playing a trivia game all about the Birthday Girl. Jessie had a blast!!! Everything was professionally done and that perfect cleanup was much appreciated. I can't thank you enough, the girls had so much fun it will be hard to beat next year!!! I will be sure to recommend you whenever I have the chance.

- Nancy

The girls had a really great time at Olivia's "All Glammed Up" party. They really enjoyed getting their hair, nails, and make-up done. Too bad we didn't have a runway for the girls to walk down- they looked marvelous!!!!! The Spa Girlz themselves were terrific. They arrived early to set up and made sure that they had enough "goodies" for every girl. The craft activities kept them busy as they waited for their turn to get all dolled up. The goodie bags were amazing- no need to add a thing to them. Thanks for a great 8th birthday party for my daughter. Both she and her friends are still talking about it! See you at our next party!

- Christine

Thank you so much for a successful and fun night for Troop 3476 Brownie end of year party! The troop has so much fun. Thank you staff for the gorgeous hair styles, nails and crafts.

- Troop 3476 - Plainedge

Thank you for making my daughter Alexis' 10th birthday party so wonderful. The girls had such a terrific time getting their hair, nails and make-up done. They also loved all the arts and crafts you provided. It was truly memorable for all the girls and especially my daughter. Thank you again for your great service.

- Paquita

Thanks so much for a great party for Caitlin. The Spa Girlz on the Go were efficient and organized and on time and all of the girls really enjoyed getting beautified! They especially loved the glitter tattoos! What a great option. Thanks again!

- Joanne

Spa Girlz on the Go is amazing! We had a very small and last minute surprise party for our 6 year old, and the Spa Girlz went above and beyond to make each and every girl (and a few boys) feel special and beautiful. They were able to keep the one's who were waiting to get their "make over" busy with crafts and activities, and they were so good with the children. I can't say enough good things about Spa Girlz -- a perfect way to make your in-home party special.

- Michelle

Thank you for an amazing party! You have made this birthday one that Julia will never forget. My daughter can not stop talking about how much fun she and her friends had. She was absolutely thrilled with getting her hair, makeup and nails done. All the girls looked beautiful! Everything that was included by Spa Girlz was not only fun and creative but also well organized. It was worth every penny and I will highly recommend Spa Girlz on the Go to friends and family!

- Denise & Julia Staufenberg

My daughter's 6th birthday party was a huge success. Spa Girlz came right on time and took care of setting everything up. I was very impressed on how they put everything together. I had 14 very happy little girls. The Spa Girlz kept them occupied the whole time. The craft and the bingo they played was very cute. My daughter loved it. It was more than I expected for a house party. I would highly recommend this for the little diva in your life.

- Betty

Hello ladies I just want to thank all of you so much for doing an amazing job on Julia's 8th birthday party. The girls had a great time and you were great with all of them. Thank you so much for her awesome gift (so much stuff) and for the personal card it was very nice. I will use you again in the future and recommend anyone. I had a great time thanks again so much!

- Angela (Julia's mom)

All the girls had a terrific time at Carly's 7th birthday party thanks to you!! You and Linda were prompt and thoroughly professional all while keeping the girls happily entertained and feeling truly "pampered". Carly thought it was the best party she's ever had and her father and I got such a giggle watching her parade around like a true princess for the rest of the evening. It's so nice that you really enjoy and take such pride in what you do, which makes the girls feel as beautiful as they look, and truly are! Thanks for your help in making our little girl's party so special. I would not hesitate to recommend you.

- Pam Rivera

Thank you for hosting my daughter's 8th birthday party. It was a wonderful event - everyone had a blast! I was very impressed with your organization and efficiency in addition to the abundant arts & crafts projects that you provided. I also appreciated that you took into account the different ages of the guests (ages 3 through 8) and involved them in party activities. The goodie bags were also nicely prepared and enjoyed by each of the girls. Thank you so much for making this a great party - I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks!

- Carol

Thank you so much ladies for the FANTASTIC job your team did on hosting my daughter's birthday party!! I got so many compliments about your services and everyone was eager to get your contact info!! Thank you Paula, Ashley, Linda, and Dana, you ladies were incredibly professional and courteous and I am eternally grateful to you for making my daughter's birthday so special!!I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends!!

- Alice Genova

The party was an absolute success! Your organization and set up was beautiful! The girls had such a great time and the moms are still talking about it! What a pleasure it was having you in my home! You made my daughter's 6th birthday very memorable! Thanks for everything!!

- Michelle Brady

Thank you Spa Girlz on the go! My 9 year old daughter Calypso and her friends had a wonderful time. We appreciate that you were able to come even though we had no power because of hurricane Sandy. You are very professional. The other girls want to ask you to come to their birthday too. Thank you again!!!

- Pilar Henriquez

I just wanted to thank you for everything you girls did on Saturday. You girls were amazing! Emily and her friends had a great time getting their nails done and hair done too! All the girls were so excited to be able to take home so many different things. It was really nice that the girls got to go home with so many hair accessories in addition to their personalized brush, mirror and goody bag(box) which was filled with more great stuff. You guys were so nice to "include" Emily's 2 year old little sister Raine by giving her a tattoo and a few cute clips for her hair. It was really nice that I only had to provide lunch and cake for Emily's friends and you girls came with everything else including the table cloth! I would absolutely recommend Spa Girlz to everyone I know. Emily is talking about next years Spa Birthday party already! Thank you for making Emily's 7th Birthday unforgettable!

- Diana & Emily

Girls from Brownie Troop 2011 of Valley Stream wanted to send you all a big THANK YOU. The girls had so much fun with their make over. They loved having their make up and hair done. They felt like princesses. They also had a ton of fun decorating their mirrors and all the other crafts. We can not wait till our next make over party. I would definitely recommend you to other troops and friends. Thank you again so much.

- Ann (Troop leader)

We wanted to thank you ladies so much. Marisols 7th birthday was amazing thanks to you. Marisol and all her friends had an amazing spa experience that they will not stop talking about. We look forward to seeing you again next year. We will highly recommend you to all our friends and family the experience was unforgettable and the price was great! Thank you again for everything.

- Jennifer & Marisol

I have to say best party Julia has ever had or been to. All the girls are still raving over it! You did an incredible job. Everything was perfect. Julia loved every second of it. She said you made her look and feel like a princess! Thank you for making her day such a memorable one. We can't wait to see the pictures.

- Paola & Julia

Thank you for running Alexa's birthday party. She and her friends had an amazing time. Your staff was courteous, helpful and professional. They really took care of all of the details. Everyone loved their nails and the crafts that they got to make while waiting for their turn. Alexa couldn't stop thanking me and her father for giving her this party for almost a week later. Thank you again.

- Hilda & Ray

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful spa party! From beginning to end the party was organized and jam packed with activities. I LOVED how you did such an array of different hairstyles and that you had so many hair accessories. The girls looked just beautiful with their makeup, hair and nails done. The girls really enjoyed decorating the mirrors and doing the coloring pages as well while they waited for their turn to be made up. I was also thrilled with the favors. The packaging was just lovely! Thanks again for making Ava's 6th birthday party special!

- Jennifer

Thank you so much for making our daughter's birthday party a success. The girls had a wonderful time! You and your staff are very well organized and kept the girls entertained with crafts while waiting patiently to be pampered. Emma was thrilled with her extra special gift from you as well. We would like to book a party for Reese's 5th birthday in May. She can't stop talking about her special curly hair! Thank you again!

- Cori

Emily's party was AMAZING! She had a wonderful time, and so did all of her friends. The girls looked beautiful. We loved how each of them looked so different. The goodies you sent them home with from the brush to the mirrors and crafts were wonderful. I did not have to purchase anything additional. All of you were wonderful with the girls. From set up to clean up I did not have to do a thing. Thank you for making her birthday so memorable.

- Emily & Claudine

A big Thank You to Spa Girlz On-The-Go for making my daughter's 6th birthday so special! Everything from the set-up for the hair/nails/makeup, the crafts (mirrors and door hangers) and the party favor games was very well organized and thought out. The girls enjoyed making their crafts and also loved watching their friends get makeovers while they waited for their turns. Our 4 stylists kept all of them engaged in conversation and were patient while they chose their styles and colors. On top of the crafts and party favors, each girl also got extra goodies like a personalized hair brush, hair clips, lip gloss and nail polish in a cute take-home box. My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time and it was so cute seeing the girls get pampered and glammed up! Thank you again, you put smiles on 14 beautiful faces... and smiles on Mom's and Dad's faces for doing so!

- Christina Manza

Words do not express our appreciation of the most wonderful party you gave for our daughter's 9th Birthday. Every one of her friends had the best time. So many of the girls said they want you to come for their birthdays. We thank you from our hearts for all your hard work and also in the many extra surprises like the gift for Grace, the gift for mommy, the game, the photo, etc... we did not expect so much extra care. We thank you from our hearts!!!

- Grace Fong, & Mommy, Christina

I just can't say enough of the service and fun you guys provided. My daughter was so happy along with all her friends. My niece Tiffany was so impressed she thought I paid a lot more for your services. I was also very impressed and surprised how much you offered. The party was a complete success because of you guys. I'm sure all the girls mothers will be calling you to book a party I know my niece Tiffany is going to call. I can't thank you guys enough it was great.

- Lisa Alexandria & all our Friends & Family

I can't thank you enough!! This was by far the best party Alexis has ever had. You were all amazing and the girls looked fabulous. From the hair to the crafts everything was truly amazing. Moms were calling me today telling me their daughters had an amazing time. I will recommend you guys time and time again.

- Jodi

Thanks so much the girls had so much fun!!! The ladies were so sweet and professional!! Look forward to using them again!!

- Kathy Kassimatis & Troop 3566

My daughter's birthday party was a total success! Thank you so much for making her 8th birthday so special. You left a great impression on her and all her friends. All the girls were so thrilled to have been invited to such a great event and they looked beautiful and happy! The crafts and games kept the girl busy until their turn to get gorgeous! They loved their mirrors and brushes with their names on it. All the parents were so thrilled to see the end results and were asking about Spa Girlz On The Go and what a great idea it was! I would recommend you to everyone who has a little princess. Thank you for making Lindsey's birthday an unforgettable one!

- Mannie & Lindsey

Thank you for an amazing day for my daughter's 9th birthday! I can't believe how organized you all were even with the amount of kids at the party. You did an amazing job and every single child had a great time! I was told by multiple girls (and their mom's) that it was the BEST party ever! Thank you for making my daughter Victoria's birthday special! Hope to see you soon at the next party!

- Maria M.

The girls had a wonderful time!! I have already received many phone calls and texts from parents telling me how much fun their girls had at the party. You were all so nice, organized, and professional. I will be sure to recommend you to friends. Thank you so much for making Emily's party so successful! Thanks again.

- Jen Heller

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